8-Channel Bi-directional Logic Level Converter


Package Includes

  • 1x 8-Channel Bi-directional Logic Level Converter
  • 2x 10-Way SIL Straight Pin Headers

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This bi-directional level converter makes use of the TXB0108 chip. This chip performs bi-directional level shifting from pretty much any logic level voltage and will auto-detect the direction. The only thing that doesn’t work well with this chip is i2c (because it uses strong pullups which confuse the auto-direction sensor). If you need to use pullups, you can but they should be at least 50K ohms – the ones internal to AVRs/Arduino are about 100K ohms so those are good!

Since this chip is a special bi-directional level shifter, it does not have strong output pins that can drive LEDs or long cables and it’s meant to sit on a breadboard between two logic chips.

Features / Specs

  • Pitch: Standard 2.54mm Pin Spacing
  • Working Voltages: 1.2V | 1.8V | 2.2V | 2.5V | 3.3V | 5V
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