Mini Waveform Generator v1.1


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So you’re busy building, testing, repairing or learning about a particular circuit and you find yourself at an unavoidable point where you now need some sort of waveform generator to continue with your work. Cue the endless searching through supplier websites and catalogues, only to find that most off-the-shelf waveform generators are going to cost you much more than you intended on paying for something like this. If not, this could still be for you.

Look no further, because what you have stumbled upon will hopefully put an end to your waveform generator troubles. What we have here is no ordinary waveform generator. Not only can it generate sine, triangle and square waves, but it can provide you with multiple supply voltages | +12V, +5V, +3.3V | including a negative 5V rail. All of this in a 50mm x 110mm PCB which fits directly into most breadboards.

Features / Specs

  • A waveform generator and a multi-voltage PSU in one
  • Supply voltages include: +12VDC, +5VDC, -5VDC, +3.3VDC
  • Able to supply 800mA @ +5VDC, 600mA @ +3.3VDC and 200mA @ -5VDC
  • +12VDC supply current is equal to supply current of PSU used to power the unit
  • All supply voltages available simultaneously, no switching between supply voltages
  • Parallel transistors ensure regulators are able to properly handle load currents
  • A resettable fuse has been added for safety and to limit high current draw
  • Able to produce sine, triangle and square waves
  • Sine and triangle waveforms have adjustable gain and DC offset
  • Maximum sine wave frequency is 500kHz
  • Maximum triangle wave frequency is 200kHz
  • Maximum square wave frequency is in excess of 1MHz
  • 5 different range settings to allow for easier frequency adjustment
  • Square waves output can be 0-3.3V, 0-5V or centered 9V waveforms
  • Can produce 5 simultaneous waveforms at the same frequency
  • Small PCB package that fits directly into most breadboards
  • Height adjusting screw to ensure stabilty no matter what height your breadboard is
  • Dual row headers for better breadboard contact and less contact resistance


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