Package Includes

  • 1x A9G GSM/GPRS/GPS Board
  • 1x GSM/GPRS PCB Antenna with IPEX connector
  • 1x GPS Patch Antenna with IPEX connector

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The A9G GSM/GPRS/GPS Development Board is based on the AI-Thinker A9G module, which is their latest GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band module. This cost effective module allows you to add SMS, voice, internet connectivity, positioning data and much more to your current project. The board also contains lithium charge management, a microphone, a speaker interface, a USB communication interface, multiple user buttons, indication LEDs, a TF card slot and SIM card slot, and both SPI and I2C interfaces. You can view the full specifications by following the link listed in the “RESOURCES” section below.

Features / Specs

  • Module: Ai Thinker A9G
  • Operating Voltage: 5V USB or Lithium Battery (3.3 – 4.2VDC)
  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Standby Current: < 2mA
  • Operating temperature: -30℃ to + 80℃
  • GPRS Class: 10
  • Sensitivity: < -105dBm
  • Supports GPRS data service, maximum data rates: download 85.6Kbps, upload 42.8Kbps
  • Supports 3 serial ports, one download serial port, and one GPS serial port
  • Supports standard GSM07.07,07.05 AT commands and Ai-Thinker extended commands
  • Supports GPS and Beidou satellite systems, and has AGPS (Assisted GPS) capabilities
  • Supports digital audio and analog audio, as well as HR, FR, EFR and AMR speech coding


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