Power Supply Enclosure Kit


Package Includes

  • 1x Steel Enclosure
  • 1x Power Distribution Board
  • 1x High Current Switch
  • 1x 5VDC Fan
  • 4x Connection Terminals
  • 1x Set of remaining accessories

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This power supply enclosure was specifically designed to house some of the Digital Step-Down Converters that we sell. Specifically the DPS3012, DPS5015 and the DPH3205 models. If you are looking at using any one of those as a bench top power supply, then this kit is what you need. It includes a powder coated steel enclosure, connection terminals, a high current ON/OFF switch, a fan to cool the unit, a small board which makes it easy to distribute the power inside the enclosure (This board also includes a 5V DC-DC converter which powers the fan), and all the bits and pieces you need to put everything together.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not include a power supply, this will need to be purchased separately


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